I'm a photographer, an artist, a visual explorer; a foodie, a traveler, an animal lover... I'm passionate about life and all that comes with it.

I can't remember a time I didn't admire art, photos, videos, branding, there was always something attractive about it. I believe it was the advertising, the capturing and depicting of moments, feelings, images, which led me to photography. I began my career when I decided to attend The School of Visual Arts in New York City.  While studying photography and photo-editing I adopted a new set of skills such as design, video and video-editing. 

After graduating and freelancing as a photographer I decided to attended Draper University, a Silicon Valley institution focused on teaching entrepreneurship. Known for its unconventional methods of teaching business, "DU" taught me about starting and running a business, public speaking, UI design,, to learn from failure and to fail until I succeed, but most importantly, to pursue everything with gusto and enthusiasm.

After DU, I decided to return to South Florida where I began Debbie Rotman Photography and managed Miami Daylight Studios, a company that offers premiere production and studio services, as well as digital tech and creative services.

After 2 years, I became an in-house photographer at ModernLook, an e-commerce company focused on modern lifestyles and gadgets. Here I focused on my skills as a Product Photographer and as an Art Director.